Antibrnd 2.0 – Open to Everyone

(Dream and introduction to next changes)

Antibrnd is more than a store with nice products. As Antibrnd has grown, so too have our ambitions and the scale of impact we’d like to make on the world. For our manufacturers, Antibrnd charts a path towards a future where they no longer have to rely on traditional clients to stay in business. For our customers, Antibrnd isn’t just a place to shop what they need, but a guilt-free way to buy what they want. Great products aren’t just things people buy. They’re the key to unlocking a happier, more fulfilling life.
That’s the core of everything we do: helping people live their best lives.
Starting today, Antibrnd is now available for everyone — no membership needed. A lot is still the same: the same exacting quality standards, the same manufacturers as top brands, the same radical prices that undercut equivalent brands by 50-80%. Only now, everyone can access Antibrnd and purchase our products at the same prices as before.
Why open Antibrnd for everyone? Two reasons: lowering prices and expanding access.
From the start, our purpose is to enable everyone to live well. A membership requirement prevents this. In the future, we would make the membership an optional upgrade, with which our most valuable supporters will be rewarded. Existing members and future members will have exclusive prices, early access and a chance to earn more through referrals.
Above all, the new Antibrnd promises the beginning of a more cohesive, delightful, and community-driven shopping experience. We hope you enjoy using it as much.
With full hearts and lots of excitement — welcome to the new Antibrnd.

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