The Before Story

In the final-year uncertainties of college, every gang cooks up some ideas to start their own company. But in our case, we were a little more enthusiastic about it. We were passionate about our concepts and believed that every individual should have the freedom to pursue their dreams, no matter

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Antibrnd An Idea – The Spark to the Fire

Soon enough, as we watched the repercussions of the pandemic unfold, we started thinking of what to do next with our brand. That is when on one fine Bengaluru evening, we decided to browse around the shops for a good leather jacket. But appallingly, we could not. We met with

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Antibrnd 2.0 – Open to Everyone

(Dream and introduction to next changes) Antibrnd is more than a store with nice products. As Antibrnd has grown, so too have our ambitions and the scale of impact we’d like to make on the world. For our manufacturers, Antibrnd charts a path towards a future where they no longer

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